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Kambo Treatment

The Leap into Healing: Kambo Treatment

Kambo’s Therapeutic, and Immune-Boosting Wonders

In a world where we’re increasingly turning to nature for answers, Kambo therapy has emerged as a powerful alternative to conventional treatments.


With its origins in the Indigenous communities of the Amazon rainforest, this ancestral medicine has been used for centuries to heal, cleanse, and strengthen the mind and body.


At Ibogaine Treatment UK (Iboga Root Sanctuary), we’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of Kambo treatment, and we’re proud to offer this therapy alongside our ibogaine treatments.


In this blog post, we’ll delve into the psychoactive and therapeutic benefits of Kambo, its potential for aiding addiction recovery, and the cultural and spiritual significance of this fascinating treatment.

Hopping into History: Kambo, the Ancient Amazonian Remedy

The ancestral Kambo medicine is derived from the secretion of the Amazonian Giant Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor).


Used for centuries by Indigenous communities for its healing and spiritual properties, this ancient remedy has gained the attention of modern science in recent years.


In research from the National Library of Medicine, Kambo’s effects have revealed its powerful influence on our mental and emotional states.


Kambo frog medicine is used for a range of purposes, including:


  • Boosting immunity
  • Enhancing physical and mental strength
  • Targeting depression and addiction issues.
Amazonian Natives have used Kambo medicine for centuries

Kambo Treatment’s Psychoactive and Therapeutic Potential

The biological and psychoactive benefits of Kambo treatment induce a deep sense of emotional and physical purging, thereby providing a deep sense of cleansing on all fronts.


ClinMed International Library studies claim that Kambo treatment is invaluable in the spheres of addiction recovery and mental health support.


Kambo treatment in the UK, such as that provided by our centre, Ibogaine Treatment UK (Iboga Root Sanctuary), is a definite game-changer, especially in conjunction with ibogaine therapy.

Therapeutic Benefits of Kambo Treatment

Known for its immune-boosting properties, it assists the body in combatting infections and illnesses.


Some of its most notable benefits include:


  1. Mental health issues: Kambo has marked benefits in addressing depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and addiction.

  2. A powerful anti-microbial: The peptides present in Kambo help the body fight off infections.

  3. Possible antiviral: Research indicates that Kambo medicine may possess antiviral qualities.

  4. Anticarcinogenic potential: Some peptides in Kambo are potential anticancer agents.

  5. Detox: renowned for its powerful detoxifying effects, it helps the body purge toxins.
Recover Your Life
Kambo: the perfect fit for addiction treatment

What Makes Kambo a Perfect Match for Treating Addiction?

Of particular interest to the work we do at Ibogaine Treatment UK (Iboga Root Sanctuary), is Kambo’s potential for aiding addiction recovery.


Professor Chris Shaw, an emeritus professor at the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University, Belfast, and global expert on the study of frog skin secretions says:

“Although Kambo is not scientifically proven for treatment, I would not be at all surprised if Kambo worked well in cases of depression, because there are so many substances in it that affect the brain. Taking kambo leads to a massive rearrangement and overload of the nervous system; it changes our neurochemistry.”


When used in conjunction with ibogaine treatments, Kambo can offer a holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Ibogaine is extracted from the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub

Kambo's Cultural and Spiritual Significance as an Ancestral Medicine

Indigenous communities have long valued Kambo for its ability to cleanse the body and bring spiritual insight.


Kambo’s cultural significance is deeply rooted in the Amazon rainforest, where it has been used for centuries in rituals and ceremonies.


By honouring the ancestral wisdom of Kambo, we can unlock its full potential for healing and transformation.


Each tribe has its own unique tale about the origins of Kambo use.


One of the most widespread stories hails from Brazil, where the Kaxinawá people speak of a time when their tribe was gravely ill, and their medicine man (Pajé) couldn’t find a cure despite trying all known medicinal herbs.

Amazonian Natives have always relied on nature for healing

How Ayahuasca Helped One Tribe’s Pajé Find the Cure

Amazonian Pajés were usually guided by sacred plant medicines such as Ayahuasca.


These powerful hallucinogens were (and still are) ceremonially used, especially when life-changing or important decisions affecting the whole tribe had to be made.


Following what the visions had shown him, the Pajé ventured into the forest.


There, he encountered a female forest spirit who taught him how to use a white secretion from a frog to heal his tribe.


With this newfound knowledge, the Pajé successfully cured his fellow tribespeople and became known as Pajé Kampu or Kampum.


Following his death, his spirit is said to have lived on within the frog, continuing to protect and heal those who defend the forest.


This frog secretion became known as Kambo, and its usage spread throughout various indigenous groups in the Amazon for hundreds of years, who still rely on it as a potent medicine today.


It should be noted that the Amazon natives treat the Kambo frog with great reverence, and the harvesting of its secretion poses no harm to it.

The Kambo frog is never harmed while its secretion is collected and is always safely returned to its habitat

The Use of Kambo Medicine in the Rest of the World

In 1925, French priest Father Constantin Tastevin first observed the use of Kambo among the Kaxinawá tribe in Brazil.


American anthropologist Katherine Milton later documented Kambo use among the Mayoruna tribe in Brazil in the 1980s.


In the same decade, Peter Gorman, a journalist and anthropologist, wrote about his Kambo experiences with the Matsés tribe in Peru.


As the knowledge of Kambo reached rubber tappers in Brazil, they began using it themselves and introducing it to towns in the region of Acre.


Francisco Gomes, a rubber extractor who lived with the tribes for years and learned how to administer the medicine was one of the first people to pioneer the use of Kambo outside the Amazon.


The practice spread and soon people in the larger cities of Brazil were using Kambo, and soon, the rest of the world would wake up to its benefits.

Scientist Who Discovered Serotonin Was First to Analyze Kambo in a Laboratory

Italian scientist Vittorio Erspamer first analyzed Kambo in laboratory settings in 1986, concluding:


‘[It contains] a fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequalled by any other amphibian.’


Among other chemicals identified by him are peptides, which have become essential to characterize the functional role of opioid receptors.


Through his research, he highlighted the importance of peptides known as dermorphins and deltorphins. 


These natural chemicals target the mu-opioid receptors, and delta-opioid receptors, respectively.


These receptors play a significant role in various physiological processes such as pain relief, mood regulation, and immune response. 


Such properties make them powerful detoxifying agents, that can also provide great relief following ibogaine treatment for addiction. 

Vittorio Erspamer studying the Kambo frog

Good for Health? Certainly: But is Kambo Safe

Many people will ask: is Kambo safe?


While Kambo has numerous benefits, it’s essential to approach the therapy with awareness and respect.


During the ritual, a practitioner will take small pellets of the Kambo frog’s secretion.


Using a small incandescent stick, several small holes are then burned on the shoulder or leg of treated individuals.


The frog’s secretion is then administered on the skin exposed by the tiny burns.


Some of Kambo’s after-effects are strong and immediate and may include severe vomiting, dizziness, fainting and swollen lips or face. 


However, this is part of the necessary purge, and lasts only between 5-30 minutes at most, after which an individual emerges feeling energized and refreshed.


This feeling of vitality that can be felt long after treatment.


After the ceremony, the tiny burns are cleansed with a natural antiseptic, and the scars will heal and disappear in a matter of weeks. 


When administered by experienced practitioners like those at our centre, Iboga Root Sanctuary, Kambo treatment is a safe and transformative experience.


To guarantee safety, we always have a fully qualified medical team to supervise all our clients 24/7.

A practitioner prepares the Kambo secretions
The Kambo secretion applied over tiny burn marks

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The benefits of Kambo treatment are many, from its psychoactive and therapeutic effects to its immune-boosting properties and potential for aiding addiction recovery.


At Ibogaine Treatment UK (Iboga Root Sanctuary), we’re honoured to provide Kambo treatments alongside our ibogaine therapy, all under medical supervision.


By embracing the power of this ancestral medicine, we can help individuals on their journey toward healing, transformation, and a healthier future.


Together, we can unlock the full potential of this ancient remedy and foster a deeper connection with the wisdom of nature.


Let nature’s best help you to thrive rather than just survive. 

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