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Bodywork And Breathwork In Addiction Recovery

For us, bodywork and breathwork in addiction recovery are essential holistic components you should integrate in your life, especially after ibogaine therapy.

The process of rebalancing involves a personalized evaluation of the body. Furthermore, in addition to techniques like deep tissue massage, the process of rebalancing also includes introspection.

As the body relaxes and tension dissipates, the release of stored energy can re-surface old emotions and psychological issues. This can happen sometimes and is a valuable part of the process. We can use this energy in a positive manner to gain a deeper understanding of negative patterns and limiting beliefs. Through this process, one can learn to embrace and care for themselves more fully.

At Ibogaine Treatment UK, (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat TM), we understand that a gentle and proficient touch is the key to successful bodywork.

In fact, we see it as an art form that unquestionably requires not only technical skill but also compassion. Our rebalancing bodywork approach treats the body with care and appreciation, recognising it as a valuable and precious gift. We do not view the body as something that needs to be fixed. Instead, we see it as a barometer which tells us what emotions we need to address. 

Breathwork is a distinctive type of therapy that utilises techniques of circular, connected breathing to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual healing. It combines ancient Eastern healing practices with modern Western scientific principles.

Both bodywork and breathwork in addiction recovery are crucial for maintaining physical and mental health and preventing relapse.

Though it may seem straightforward, the emphasis on breathwork is actually quite significant. In fact, breath is not only fundamental to life and well-being, as the way we breathe reflects the way we live.

Through breathwork therapy, we can change our breathing patterns, experiencing a significant impact on our emotions, behaviours, and connections with others. Breathwork has numerous benefits for healing and improving overall emotional, physical, and mental health.

Through breathwork therapy, it is possible to experience significant transformations in terms of emotions, cognition, behaviours, and interpersonal relationships. After 5-10 guided sessions, clients can practice breathwork at home and access its benefits anytime.

One of the central principles of breathwork is to restore an individual’s breathing pattern to its optimal, natural state. Most people’s breathing is far from optimal. As infants, we instinctively breathed deeply, slowly, and fully most of the time. On the other hand, as we age, our breathing patterns often shift, generally as a result of unresolved stress from our childhood or a traumatic event. Breathwork aims to return the breath to its natural, healthy state.

Breathwork is based on the fundamental idea that people often suppress negative emotions resulting from trauma and other challenging experiences. Consequently, if left unresolved, these emotions can ultimately result in various issues, such as unhealthy behaviours, illness, or addiction. To address these suppressed emotions and memories in a healthy manner, breathwork aims to naturally induce an altered state of consciousness. By doing so, individuals are able to access and integrate these emotions, ultimately allowing for their release.