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Iboga and Ibogaine

Iboga is a plant medicine (full name Tabernanthe iboga) found in West Central Africa and the Congo basin. There are several different ways in which you can consume iboga (as rootbark, as an extract and in hydrochloride form).


In its pure form, ibogaine HCL is the preferred choice for opioid detoxes as it is less taxing on the body. For other addictions and mental health issues we often prefer to use less adulterated ibogaine, that is, ibogaine and its other alkaloids.


In short, TA total alkaloid extract (contains ibogaine and another 11 alkaloids), PTA Purified total extract (here we have ibogaine plus another 3 alkaloids). It all seems very complex, however the mysteries and myths regarding ibogaine can be discovered in the following pages… here we explain all the key things you need to know about the fascinating molecule that is ibogaine and how it can help you.

What Is Iboga?

Iboga is a small tree/shrub which can be found throughout the African region of the Congo basin but is mostly endemic to Gabon. Though often referred to as…

What Is Ibogaine?

Extracted from the Iboga tree endemic to the region of Gabon and the Congo Basin, ibogaine is one of the most important alkaloid molecules found…

Benefits Of Ibogaine

As you might have heard, ibogaine resets the brain to the pre-addicted state. If you’re addicted to heroin or opiates, your withdrawal symptoms will…


Even though both iboga and ibogaine may be perfectly safe, they are only so as far as they are administered by experts, and only after the subject has…

Ibogaine Side Effects

Although an effective cure for not only arresting the cycles of addiction, as greatly reducing withdrawal symptoms, and minimising cravings, ibogaine is,…


Deep in the forests of Gabon are found the Babongo and Mitsogo tribes who along with the Fang people of their nation follow the religious discipline…