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Drumming And Healing Sound


Drumming is an ancient approach to healing that focuses on self-expression. This therapy has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people to strengthen and maintain physical, mental and spiritual health as well as a celebration of community.


Drumming teaches focus in a playful way. Drumming can also release emotional blocks and relieve stress. A drum circle gets a group communicating, listening to one another and working as a team which establishes a sense of community and involvement.


The drum circles at Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK) are fun and rewarding. The group plays along to different types of music, participants may also sing or clap along. When people get into it, they are able to release their inner emotions as well as stress. Some are even able to practice mindfulness or get into a meditative state. Drumming circles promote unity and alleviate self-centredness, isolation and alienation.




Healing Sound

Using sound vibration through various techniques allows us to maximise the healing and recovery of our clients.


Sound is a powerful and effective tool for transformation that has been found to be extremely supportive during addiction recovery. Healing sound frequencies affect us physically in every cell of our body, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sound vibration can literally break apart emotional patterns and blockages, re-balance the entire nervous system, give access to higher levels of consciousness and is so consistently effective for relieving pain that it has been used in hospitals.


Deep meditative states of mind through brainwave entrainment accelerate the healing process and provide a space for deep integration and processing of learning and other experiential and transformational processes.


Some of our offerings include sound baths and vocal sound practices to unblock emotions as well as cleanse and activate the subtle energetic fields within the human system to deepen and increase healing.