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The Session

The Session ​

For those of you who may be new to ibogaine therapy, whether they be for addiction, for psycho-spiritual development, or the treatment of mental health issues, we want you to know what to expect during the treatment, so we have listed the various stages below, as well as what to expect during each one. 


Think of your brain as if it were the hard drive of a computer. There is clutter, there are numerous bugs interfering with the software and tools you most need for it to function smoothly, and your firewall is in dire need of an update. There are times when, instead of trying to patch up a multitude of smaller issues, a factory reset is in order.


Now, think of ibogaine as that factory reset; next, think of Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK) as the metaphorical clean slate upon which you will repair your drive. 


During the treatment, we will always have a fully trained, in-house medical team available to you. Should you have any doubts or issues, no matter how trivial they may seem to you, we want to know about them and encourage you to speak to our staff before the treatment begins.


Treatments vary between clinics and while some will provide music during sessions, others will favour silence. Here at our centre, we will discover what works best for you, because every experience and person’s needs are different. When the time is right for you to take ibogaine, it will be administered in four distinct phases.

The first phase consists of what we call the “test dose.” This dose aims to reduce withdrawal symptoms and monitor for any adverse reactions. Symptoms such as dilated pupils, yawning and sneezing are positive reactions, and are to be expected. If there are no adverse reactions on your behalf, then we can safely proceed with the main flood dose.
Within forty minutes of taking Ibogaine there is an audible buzzing in the head followed by visions, bright lights and flashing images related to subconscious themes. Sometimes these visions are traumatic. While some may experience them as terrifying, others will accept them from a detached point of view as they rise from the mist of the subconscious; it truly does vary from case to case.
Between two to four hours after, the dreamy visions make way for a complete cleansing of the mind—that wiping of the hard drive mentioned earlier. as the ibogaine will be fully at work on reparing your synapses and cleaning out neural pathways. 
Anywhere between twenty to thirty-six hours later, you will start to regain control of your body movements as the ataxia fades; with it, the insomnia shall disappear too, and you will become fully functional again.
After about forty-eight to seventy-two hours, you will notice a heightened state of well-being, as your brain and body become flooded with endorphins—a state commonly known as the ibogaine “renaissance effect.”
During this phase, you will feel restored to a sense of functional, recognizable normality. Even though your senses, body functions and thoughts work as you know them to, you will feel physically spent: an exhausted, hyper-vulnerable shell. 

It is common to feel like an innocent new-born, to feel exposed and raw. Tears could flow incessantly. Fear or misery may take hold; or you may also feel a surge of happiness as you let go of this repressed negativity that floods by.
While feeling forced to confront a darkness that may have been hidden away in the folds of your mind for some time, you will also experience the relief that comes from realizing that you are no longer in the throes of your formerly inescapable cravings.
After finally falling asleep feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, when you awake again, you will find yourself with focused mind, controlled emotions and no cravings, and your energy levels will increase. In short, you will feel great.
This mind-frame is ideal for taking the opportunity to re-structure your life, since it is when our after-care programme swings into action, taking advantage of your newfound positive outlook to help you pave the way towards a positive future.

 With the help of meditation, exercise, nutrition, massages, and therapy, you will find yourself enjoying a sober life following your ibogaine session.

During this phase, it is common to feel the return and weight of old emotional triggers, and you could find yourself inadvertently thrown off by emotional overwhelm, or inexplicable outbursts of anger, which is why it is essentially that you take the positivity felt in phase three to fortify yourself to offset these reactive tendencies in phase four.