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Ibogaine Treatment Centre

Ibogaine Treatment Centre

For those of you who wish to skip the studies, the facts, and get to the essence of who we are and what we do, here it is in quite simple terms.
At Ibogaine Treatment UK (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat TM), we use ibogaine and a combination of alternative holistic therapies to treat drug/alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues.
Put simply, what ibogaine is, is an extremely fast-acting psychotropic substance found in the bark of the Iboga tree which not only calms and by comparison almost annuls the mental duress, but also the physical discomfort that goes in tandem with common withdrawal symptoms, therefore interrupting the mechanisms of addiction.
Put in even more simple terms, think of it as a bad habit circuit-breaker. The effects of ibogaine will provide a painless and quick detox, and an often fruitful, long-lasting sobriety from opioids such as heroin, Oxycontin, methadone, Suboxone and Subutex. It is also equally as efficient for stimulants like cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine, as well as alcohol and a plethora of other substances.
By resetting the receptors in the brain, ibogaine will stabilize brain function as impaired by prolonged substance abuse. The case for ibogaine—and why it is so fascinating—is its healing process. The metabolite contained within ibogaine, commonly known as “noribogaine” decreases or eliminates not only cravings, but the ensuing and often nagging compulsion to use for approximately three to four months following treatment.
Many have started seeing us as Europe’s leading ibogaine treatment centre.
Investigating and administering ibogaine for just under 10 years, we have had the unique and intensely satisfying privilege of working with both individuals and, where appropriate, with their families, on the singular and often arduous task of staking claims to their authentic selves once again—who they were before addiction made them lose sight of their original essence as autonomous individuals.
With mostly a foreign clientele, we have had many travel to us from different regions of the world seeking solace and more than temporary resolution in our combination therapies, which bring ibogaine treatment into the fold with a plethora of case-specific alternative therapies, delivered with a true rapport for both who the patient is, and admiration in their resolve to beat addiction.
The Tabula Rasa Retreat team consists of a unique and consummate team of, physicians, healers, psychologists, nurses, and support staff. From the moment you commit to being fully honest about your specific situation, we adapt in all the necessary ways to best serve you.
In our supportive, compassionate and safe environs, we have for you a wide range of extremely efficient, tailor-made and reasonably-priced treatment programmes.
We specialize in providing incredibly rapid, medically safe, and pain-free detox programmes for a variety of addictive substances such as: heroin, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, methadone, buprenorphine (including Subutex and Suboxone), as well as alcohol.
Each treatment plan draws on a series of different, interwoven holistic practices and disciplines to promote a safe, speedy recovery and reintegration, and is 100% tailor-made to fit the needs of each of our clients, case by case.
If, for example, you happen to be dependent on opioids, while under our care, you will not experience the common and always gruelling withdrawal symptoms associated with detoxing. In the time leading up to your ibogaine treatment, our physicians will calculate and prescribe the appropriate dosage of morphine or other short-acting opiates, therefore stabilizing you while you adapt to your new surroundings.
Located in the verdant surroundings of the Alentejo region in the Portuguese countryside, we are a private retreat that specializes in safe, clinically administered and monitored ibogaine therapy for the interrupting and resetting of all of addiction’s mechanisms.
Our medical staff reside on-site, and are on call twenty-four hours a day during your stay with us.
We have a 1:1 nurse to patient ratio with a team of 12 staff to look after all your needs.
Working with some of the most state-of-the-art medical technology, here at Ibogaine Treatment UK (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat TM), we are fully equipped and staffed to handle all emergencies on-site.
Our main provider has treated all our patients with recourse to advanced safety protocols, and we are proud of our results.
Since 2015, our founders have been investigating, studying, and working with ibogaine in non-clinical and now full clinical settings.

What Is Ibogaine Treatment?

The use of ibogaine in treating addiction has proven to be nothing short of transformative and radically effective in the long run. During the mental, emotional, and visual journey provided by the plant’s properties, you will find yourself reflecting on your past traumas, buried memories, and narrative inconsistencies about who you think you are.
This will help unpack the reasons behind your addictions, its mechanisms, and triggers, and will educate you…well…about your own true self; in so doing, you will be able to better plan and prepare for a future free of relapses.
To add to the plant’s innate effectiveness, the treatment is performed by fully qualified, expert medical staff in our luxury clinical setting. Each treatment is entirely tailor-made to suit the specific needs of each one of our clients.
At Ibogaine Treatment UK’s centre (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat TM), you, the patient, are our top priority. Not only does each patient receive a treatment plan customised and catering to their specific needs, as we go the extra mile by integrating various disciplines, from Qi Gong to Yoga, Breathwork to cold therapy, meditation to group work, also including nutrition and principles of cognitive behavioural psychology which will help shedding light on the functioning and overcoming of addictive mechanisms.
Our approach here is not only to be the specialists of your recovery. It is to make you the specialist in your own recovery, too. In line with this, our staff will coach and guide you in these disciplines, sharing their knowledge with you in ways that you may then apply to your day-to-day life as you move back into the “real-world” setting and step back into your life.
Here, we focus on the long-term, working with you to keep you clean for good, paving the road for a sober, attuned and richly fulfilled life. With this in mind, we will work with you to help you develop goals, strategies, and coping mechanisms with which to manage your addictive impulses of old whenever they may rear their heads in the future.
Using ibogaine, a purified extract from the West African Iboga Tabernanthe tree, the very compounds found in the plant work to eliminate withdrawal symptoms, post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) and the post-treatment cravings that so often lead to relapses. Because our treatment plans are adjusted and customised for each of you, each plan will be different and include different methods.
Before initiating the ibogaine treatment, our physicians and therapists will meet with you to determine which techniques and approaches will best suit your specific needs so that you get the best possible results. Once they have collated all the necessary information, they will then build your treatment plan on-site, from the ground up, consulting with our various therapists from different disciplines.