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Since we are not only aware of the potential risks of using ibogaine, but favour a multidisciplinary, holistic approach at our centre, we have an expert in-house counselling team. For those of you suffering from chemical dependencies, we will often refer you to our trusted partners for both pre-care and after-care treatments before staying with us to undergo the ibogaine treatment itself.

To fully assist in ensuring the success of your ibogaine treatment, our in-house counselling team helps you process and analyse your own personal mental and emotional history as a way of promoting greater connection, self-knowledge, and peace with who you really are deep down, as opposed to the person you feel you have become due to self-medication, which will not only eradicate both your need to do so, as well as change the ways in which you navigate the pressures and stressors of daily life.s nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
As with every major life-changing decision, there must be a sense of commitment and intent, and this is precisely where the pre-treatment phase comes in: to ensure that you arrive in our team’s competent, caring hands with a mind-frame that goes well beyond the classic and too often over-simplified notion of “detox.”
The way we do this is by harnessing your natural curiosity and turning it towards the unconscious processes that have, over the years, governed and dictated your compulsive behaviours, thereby promoting a sense of integrity and self-actualization.
In bringing your awareness to the cognitive processes which underscore your addictive behaviours and informing you on the various subconscious processes and mechanisms of addiction, we aim to empower you with the knowledge that, not only are you much more than the sum of their parts, but also equip you with knowledge to view them precisely for what they are: subconscious attempts to mask pain or discomfort.
This process will rid you of your ego’s innate tendency to identify you as an addict, rather than someone who is suffering from an emotional and psychological disconnect which can be healed by addressing what Eckhart Tolle calls “the Body of Pain.”
Acting as a subconscious reservoir of regrets, absences, and internalised criticisms, this very raw and repressed body of pain is activated daily by certain trigger-situations which, when unaware of them, can easily lead to certain compulsions as a way of self-pacifying.
To bring you back into deeper contact with your authentic self, we will highlight how society has bludgeoned you into fear, insecurity, shame, and submission, thereby suppressing who you really are and replacing it with a series of cognitive distortions that bear little to no resemblance to your true essence.
In short, we will help you to not only explore, but disassemble the scaffolding of culturally conditioned narratives that nourish and activate this “Body of Pain.”
Born in 1902, Humanist psychologist Carl Rogers discovered and taught that the concept we have of ourselves (which he called “self-concept”) is not necessarily couched in reality.
In those of you who suffer from addictions, your “self-image” (how you see yourself in the present moment: personality traits, physical attributes, and social roles) is often vastly different from your “ideal self,” the person you would like to be if you could only overcome what you currently dislike about your “self-image.”
It is precisely this disconnect between the two which leads to a fractured sense of “self-esteem,” which is how much you like, value, and accept yourself.
By introducing you to a vast spectrum of therapeutic, philosophical, and spiritual concepts, we aim to help you bridge the gap between the past (childhood), the present (as user) and the future (the “ideal self”), therefore easing existential suffering and showing you the meaning and the value in your life as obscured by your addictions.
In fostering a framework of self-examination, enquiry and discovery, a good deal of honesty is required, and it is precisely this fresh and curious commitment to honing your awareness and perception of your authentic self that will help you see ibogaine as a stepping-stone in the process of reintegration, rather than as a miracle cure all on its own.
Another essential component of the pre-treatment process is preparing the home environment for your return, because we understand that the post-ibogaine period must be conducive to reintegration.
During this phase we will assist you in making all necessary arrangements to spend sufficient time away from home, at our facilities. To give you enough time to process the experience and reap the rewards of the natural highs that nature and outdoors activities have to offer you will feel free from the stresses of everyday life as you re-discover your sense of integrity.
For the kind of healing that we propose to be a success, changes must also be made to your home environments by way of ensuring that you are not returning to the same frustrations, crises, and quandaries that not only triggered, but enforced your addiction.
As you become more aware of how aspects of your daily life such as dysfunctional relationships, or financial struggles, to name a few, can aggravate your need to self-soothe by using, you will naturally come to appreciate your own responsibility in resolving such issues if you are to keep recovery as your priority.
Because we know that such restructuring tasks can easily overwhelm, we also offer help in these key areas, often in such forms as speaking extensively with family members and loved ones to help them grasp how their demands often contribute to your addictions; right down to offering financial advice, among others.
In the ensuing months, following your ibogaine treatment, we will provide continued after-care and support by helping you make sense of, and unpack, your everyday experiences as well as your reactions to them, providing you with invaluable, new and healthier coping mechanisms, and helping you realise how each challenge or setback can be seen as an opportunity to deepen your self-awareness, making use of what you have learnt from both your pre-treatment phase, and the ibogaine treatment itself.