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Ibogaine Treatment In The UK

Should you feel your drug addiction or mental health issues to be getting out of hand and ruining your life, you would do well to get help as soon as possible.
Here at Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK), we provide ibogaine treatment in the UK for those who may be interested in this powerful entheogenic plant as a cure for their addictions, or a recovery tool for mental health issues.
For decades now, the UK has been a place many people choose to live and work in. With London as one of the most vibrant capital cities in the world, the rest of the country also offers up a culturally rich and diverse atmosphere.
The focal points of drink culture, clubbing and underground drug culture afford UK residents a great degree of personal freedom. Although this is doubtlessly enticing, it can also lead down the slippery path to addiction, as recent statistics show.With an estimated 29.2 million drinking alcohol weekly, and 313,971 drug users (aged 15 to 64) across the UK, millions of lives are blighted by addiction year upon year.
Our treatments for addiction focus mainly on ibogaine treatment. We aim to help those battling addictions to cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, prescription opioids, street heroin, fentanyl, synthetics as well as other illicit substances.
Our treatments for addiction focus mainly on ibogaine treatment. We aim to help those battling addictions to cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, prescription opioids, street heroin, fentanyl, synthetics as well as other illicit substances.
Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK) is one of the leading ibogaine treatment centres serving the UK.
With an unparalleled level of excellence, we strive to meet and exceed the needs of our patients, always going the extra mile for them. We boast a fully trained, in-house, Advanced Cardiac Life Support medical team (ACLS) who supervise all the treatment sessions our clients undergo.
The ongoing research conducted by our team, as well as the incremental knowledge gained in nearly ten years of treating patients for addiction, means we’ve been able to identify innovative treatment protocols.
Because we believe that addiction treatments must contain a holistic approach to them, we have integrated such complementary disciplines as holotropic breathwork sessions, yoga, ice-baths, temazcal sauna sessions, and other ancestral medicines.
All the data we have collected over the years has provided us with first-hand, invaluable insights into multidisciplinary therapeutic interventions that go hand in hand with our treatment programmes.

The Road To Sobriety

The traditional road to sobriety can often seem long and never-ending, full of unexpected twists, challenges and setbacks. However, we provide you with the necessary treatment and support to break free and stay free of drugs, often achieving in ten days what conventional therapy and SSRI medication take years to arrive at. Not only have these therapies proven highly effective in halting addiction, but they boast proven therapeutical applications in the treatment of conditions as diverse as depression, anhedonia, post-traumatic stress disorder, or anxiety.
At our centre, we have also ensured that your stay is as luxurious and comfortable as possible.
Therefore, when it comes to treating addiction, Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK) is one of Europe’s leading ibogaine centres.

Find Out About Ibogaine Treatment For UK Residents

Researching and deciding on the right addiction treatment can often be challenging. Not only is there much misinformation surrounding ibogaine, as many centres claim safety protocols they do not always deliver. At Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK), we’ve simplified the process for you.

Contact us today to learn how ibogaine therapy works to help you beat your addiction and reclaim your life. To find out more about our ibogaine treatment, contact us today, or give us a call at +44 7961355530.

Please bear in mind that we are actively working on making ibogaine treatments available in the UK. At the present moment, however, due to current legislations under the Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016, we can only offer treatment at our centre in Portugal, where ibogaine is unregulated.

According to said act, as of May 26th 2016, it became an offence to produce or supply any psychoactive substance, if such substance is likely to be used for its psychoactive properties regardless of its potential harm.
Some of the substances included under the act are: ayahuasca, ibogaine, 5MeO-DMT (bufo alvarius), psylocibin, LSD, kambô, MDMA, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana or any other mind-altering substance.
This act was one of the main reasons why our founder moved the clinic to Portugal, where ibogaine and other psychoactive plant and animal medicines enjoy an unregulated, decriminalised status, allowing us to operate our clinic with full transparency, legal and clinical safety.
However, the legal landscape has been slowly changing and opening up, and as of last year, pharmaceutical company DemeRx was able to realize its first ever clinical trials for ibogaine treatment in the UK.
While this does not yet allow us to set a prospective date for re-opening business on UK soil, it does nonetheless constitute an important milestone in the ongoing struggle to bring life-saving alternative treatments closer to home for UK residents.