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Substance Abuse

For Substance Abuse

Ibogaine interrupts a wide range of substance use addictions. The pages below give more information
on the efficacy of ibogaine treatment for specific forms of substance use.

A discussion around how successful ibogaine is must first define the criteria for success. At Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK), our definition is lifelong freedom from substance abuse.

Ibogaine treatment of Benzodiazepine addiction is complicated by the increased problems caused by treatment of users with Benzo traces still in the body…

There are many variable degrees and stages of addiction, and each one has their own protocols regarding ibogaine administration, since its restorative action acts so..

At Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK) our cocaine/crack cocaine detox programme has been formulated to combat the aggressive nature of cocaine addiction. It has proved effective…

The Synthetic THC drug is ever-modifying. As its contents are stripped down and identified by the authorities, they are made illegal – so they are modified constantly.

The use of Suboxone and Subutex as means of tapering off opiate addiction has been undermined by their permanent use by addicts. With the active Buprenorphine..

While highly effective, Ibogaine’s effect on the brain is not limited exclusively to opiate addictions and has proven over time to be notably effective in eradicating addiction to..

The highs resulting from Methamphetamine use such as heightened energy levels, euphoria, racing blood pressure,..

As a short acting opiate, Oxycontin (Oxycontone) reacts well to treatment with Ibogaine. For this reason it is ideal as a substitute for Buprenorphine (Suboxone)..

Treatment with ibogaine is the most effective and the best way to detox from the suboxone (or subutex). The procedure however is more complex than treating other addictions..