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Cocaine and Crack

Cocaine and Crack

At Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK) our cocaine and crack detox programme has been formulated to combat the aggressive nature of cocaine addiction. It has proved effective in tackling repetitive stimulant abuse and its resulting, unmanageable cravings.


With cocaine and crack use affecting many parts of the body, ibogaine has a lot to repair when used as part of a treatment programme. A user has adversely affected their brain, heart, intestines, kidneys, even their sexual function.


Part of ibogaine’s reset is to perform a full detox on the body, but, also, to neurologically quash the cravings that lead to repetitive use. Researchers believe that ibogaine repairs the synapses damaged by cocaine use.


Yearnings for stimulants are difficult obstacles to overcome. Not all who take ibogaine will be automatically freed from these cravings. Although ibogaine will replenish baseline dopamine and serotonin levels and lessen cravings, it will not make the necessary changes to your lifestyle.


Even after ibogaine treatment, some users need to be prepared to deal with eventual cravings, Ibogaine on its own may not be a full stop. This is where our fully integrated, holistic aftercare plan takes effect, helping you make the necessary changes as you adjust to your new life.



Treatment Protocol for Cocaine and Crack

Ibogaine, cocaine and crack are heart rate accelerators. Our specialist providers insist on abstinence from stimulant use for 3 days prior to the treatment commencing. 

This restriction spreads beyond cocaine to methamphetamine, ephedra, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Adderall and other ADHD prescriptions. As part of a rigorous medical check, a urinary test will be carried out on arrival at the retreat to ensure that a 72-hour break with stimulant use has been adhered to.

For a bright future, a new beginning, a return to your authentic self, ibogaine therapy will light the way. With us, you can find the peace you need to make the right decisions, the insight to move forward, and the resolve to stay clean.