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Is Ibogaine For you?

Are you an open person? Are you prepared? Are you motivated to change? Have you set your intent? These are four questions you should ask yourself before committing to Ibogaine treatment.

Pain reduced withdrawal, spiritual access to the inner-self, replenishing the mind, respite for friends and family – some or all of these may be reasons to seek Ibogaine treatment. The therapy is an intimate experience occurring when you are in a vulnerable state. It is hard work physically and can be upsetting mentally. You need to be open to where this may take you and have a deep trust in the people who will take you there.

Iboagaine will set you free and show your true self as never seen before. You will visualise past events and relive repressed memories, some unwelcome. From this detached viewpoint you can achieve substantial psychotherapeutic benefits.

Are you ready for what you will be forced to face and the mental trauma that may entail?

Is there an alternative to Ibogaine therapy you have not fully considered?


You are here because you seek positive results, be they spiritual or detox related. Alongside these possible benefits be aware of the side effects and potential risks at all times. These will be explained in the Tabula Rasa Retreat Informed Consent form.


But do not be afraid. If you are scared, Ibogaine is not for you. To be scared is not to be open; open to pathways and the journeys they may take you on. Have no preconceptions. Preconceptions are mental barriers.


Ibogaine is an intelligent alkaloid. It adapts to your being and does what is best for you. Let it do its work. If you do not see what you expected to see, do not feel what you expected to feel, you will be disappointed. Because you were not open. It’s all about the letting go. If you can let go, Ibogaine may be right for you.


All of us are different. We have our own personal histories, individual beliefs, health conditions, spiritual outlooks, desires, ambitions and past demons to escape. You need to find practitioners you feel comfortable with who will help you achieve the best results from your treatment. Clinics and providers have varied approaches. Tabula Rasa Retreat is a holistic aftercare focused centre. Is this what you need?


Ask around, research online and discuss issues with those who have undergone Ibogaine therapy themselves. The choice to go ahead should be yours and yours alone. Once made, you can experience a withdrawal free detox. A rebirth that enables a fresh start and releases the true you.


Accept advice and be open to your research but the final decision should be made by you.

Be Sure Before.