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Kambô is the secretion of the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog that has traditionally been used by various indigenous tribes in the Upper Amazon region.


It is an extremely effective cleansing medicine of the body, mind & subtle energetic bodies, detoxing deeply on a cellular level and rejuvenating the entire organism whilst interrupting withdrawal symptoms.


As such it not only prepares the body for the ibogaine treatment, helping our clients to have a smoother, clearer and safe treatment, it also supports the integration on a deeper level.


The secretion consists of a unique mix of peptides (small chains of amino acids), which are the building blocks of proteins and thus of human and animal bodies.


These peptides are allowed by our bodies to pass through the blood-brain barrier, a membrane that only allows for selective passage and transport of those molecules that are crucial to neural function.


Upon encountering Kambô in the organism, our cells open their receptors, allowing the medicine to enter and cleanse the organism on a deep quantum level.

What is a Kambo treatment like?

We always carry out all our treatments in a beautiful ceremonial setting with the utmost respect for this medicine and our clients.


Throughout our practitioners’ shamanic work and training they know how to truly hold space, such that clients can feel safe, guided and empowered in their journey!


During your treatment, you will drink a substantial amount of water that will act as a vehicle for the purging of toxins that are released from the body during the treatment.


To apply the Kambo, the top layer of the skin is slightly blistered; this is not at all like a burn and does not bleed, but allows us to remove the very top layer of the skin and create small dots, which act as ‘gates’ to allow the medicine to enter and immediately reach your lymphatic system.

The effects of Kambô are fast and intense, but short-lived and the treatment empowering. Some feel a warm or hot flush in the upper body and face, an increased heartbeat (caused by Phyllocaerulein, a peptide that strengthens and exercises the heart) and there might be some swelling in your face. You will feel nauseous and soon purge, after which you will already feel lighter and regain your strength. When you are done, we will dress the small dots with a tree sap from the Amazon that acts as a natural plaster to protect you from any infections and aid the healing process of your skin. These dots will form scabs, which will naturally fall off after a few days, depending on the area.


There are different treatments available that can be tailored to the individual needs of our clients if they wish to deepen their healing work by removing emotional blockages and further cleansing their bodies and minds.