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Ibogaine Side Effects

Ibogaine Side Effects
Although an effective cure for not only arresting the cycles of addiction, as greatly reducing withdrawal symptoms, and minimising cravings, ibogaine is, to an extent, taxing on the body. More so than with other plant medicines of the kind, patients can experience strong Ibogaine Side Effects.

One of such first effects is a buzzing drone in the ears, which can play out for the duration of the treatment; however, this is not one of the more unpleasant symptoms of its work.

What can be more distressing to some is the inability to coordinate voluntary muscle movements, a condition medically known as “ataxia,” and caused by the plant’s effect on the central nervous system while it does its work. Some of our patients require assistance to complete otherwise basic tasks such as going to the bathroom.
Because we are prepared for such circumstances, we have a dedicated round-the-clock nursing team on hand to assist you with all your needs. Among the more unpleasant effects can be nausea, which frequently results in vomiting, it being common for some patients to purge quite intensely; another one of the reasons why, here at Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK), we cannot overstate the essential role our nursing team plays in maintaining maximum levels of comfort and care.
While under the side effects of ibogaine, it is usual to undergo two to three days without a full night’s sleep, insomnia being triggered on account of its stimulant properties. However, when sleep does eventually arrive, patients will usually feel transported into the feathery arms of a deep, restorative slumber, from which they will awake feeling rejuvenated and renewed.