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Personal Development

For Personal Development

Iboga is the most powerful plant teacher on our planet. For most people, it is enough to go through an iboga journey once in their life. While everyone’s experience is different, there tends to be three phases: an intense initial phase (which lasts up to six hours) which can be accompanied by visions; an introspective phase (which can last up to 24 hours), followed by a coming-back-to-life phase (which can last another 24 hours). Iboga will always teach you what you need.
Iboga & Spirituality

For centuries people in the Congo Basin have used plant teachers for healing. In Gabon, the iboga shrub is taken as sacrament

There are several emotional disorders that are increasingly being treated with Ibogaine. Sufferers of PTSD, eating disorders,

Those suffering from addiction often also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

People suffering from addiction can sometimes also have an emotional or mental disorder. This indicates a need for dual