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Cost-Effective Ibogaine Therapy

Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK)  was founded to demonstrate that ibogaine-assisted therapy can be effective and ethical.


Our fees go towards covering the cost of not only the ibogaine itself. They also pay for the team of medical and therapy professionals who make our services possible. We are not in this business to make gargantuan profits, but rather to make a positive impact. From an ethical standpoint, we aim to balance our financial viability with our commitment to helping others.

Have you ever dreamed of stopping your addiction in its tracks? With a cost-effective, pain-free detox and no withdrawals in under 10 days?


If so,  Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK) may be just the cost-effective ibogaine therapy you need.

We are aware that the price of €6,621.60 per week, for single occupancy, (including VAT) may seem steep at first. However, we encourage you to consider two points before writing the possibility off.


  • The current and future financial impact of your habit if it continues unchecked.
  • The expense of traditional rehab facilities, given their low success rate compared to ibogaine’s success rate.

Through the many conversations we have had from enquiring and visiting clients alike, we know we offer so much more than simple ibogaine detoxes and therapy. As is the case with many of our clients, they invariably come to us after unsuccessful detoxes at other traditional rehab facilities. 


Research shows that a significant percentage of individuals, more than 85%, relapse and return to drug use within a year of treatment after traditional rehab treatment.


Here at Iboga Root Sanctuary (Ibogaine Treatment UK), this is not the case. Not only is this because of the unique healing properties of ibogaine, but also because of our holistic approach.


Our approach goes beyond simply providing a one-stop ibogaine treatment. We strive to ensure that you are fully prepared for your treatment and set up for success following your ibogaine therapy.