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What Do I need

For video therapy you need to have a computer, tablet or smartphone and a good internet connection. Of utmost importance is your willingness to start and maintain your recovery process. Some of you will have embarked on pre-ibogaine treatment therapy and it is of vital importance to carry through with counselling and therapy.

A good internet connection is essential to have a good experience with online counselling. The quality of the online session will depend a lot on the quality of your internet connection. You will also need a device with a good quality camera and speakers (or headphone jack), a device that allows you to install video chat software such as Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceBook Messenger or other suitable pre-agreed softwares. It is also important to secure a quiet place in which you will not be disturbed during the extent of the session.

It is useful to have a notepad and pen to hand, as we may present some handy exercises during these online sessions. Often pitting pen to paper makes us more accountable.