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Introducing Our

Introducing our counsellors who will ensure your ibogaine
experience is integrated and the benefits maximised.

Rodrigo Teixeira

Rodrigo Teixeira is a Counsellor and Psychologist (MSc in Psychology) with three years professional experience and six years volunteer experience in the drug addiction field. He is an effective active member of the Portuguese Psychologists Order with the professional number 24338. He has extensive academic and experience on addiction prevention, addiction recovery and relapse prevention with addicts and their families. Rodrigo has worked as a volunteer for six years in a government ambulatory drug prevention and rehab service and also worked in government supported addiction prevention and health care promotion programs for three years. He has a holistic approach sympathetic with Tabula Rasa Retreat’s ibogaine therapy, science based cognitive behavioural Therapists, psychological and spiritual counselling, meditation and mindfulness. He is passionate and committed to his job and more importantly is committed to your recovery pathway. Rodrigo is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Binod Aryal

Since 2019, Binod has been working as a Counsellor and NAIKAN psychotherapist at the Tabula Rasa Retreat Ibogaine Center in Portugal. He has more than 25 years of work experience in the social services and addiction rehabilitation fields. He is an expert in conducting the world renowned residential rehabilitation TC model. He was attracted to our unique way of tackling addiction and has much to contribute to our process. Binod Aryal is the founder and president of the RIC Rose Co-operation Nepal, which has been working on multiple human welfare programmes. This includes addiction treatment and rehabilitation programmes.

Fully trained in the addiction TC Model, he is also specialised in 12 Steps based TC and is certified by the “Hazelden Foundation” Minnesota, USA. The list goes on… and it is not just limited to counselling. Binod is also a Vipassana meditation practitioner and teacher [Guide] for NAIKAN [Japanese art of self-reflection]. NAIKAN is part of our psychotherapy offering. In addition he has certifications for Yoga, Breath-work, Meditation other relaxation therapies. Binod is fluent in English and Nepali.

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