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At Ibogaine Treatment UK, (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat™), customized ibogaine treatment programs are available for a range of conditions. These include effective and immediate interruption of addiction and substance abuse cravings and habits, as well as a nearly painless detox from short-acting opiates (which is often described as being easier than a traditional cold turkey detox). Additionally, ibogaine treatment can greatly assist in improving mental health, particularly in cases of PTSD, anxiety, fear, and self-limiting beliefs.

This treatment, available in various forms such as Total Alkaloid, Purified Total Alkaloid, and Ibogaine Hydrochloride, is the only known effective detox for opiates, and many have found it to be a rewarding journey of self-discovery. While ibogaine treatment may not be suitable for everyone, those who come to us as a last resort or have a strong desire to try this unique form of medicine are unlikely to regret it. Our carefully developed ibogaine treatment protocols have the potential to save lives.

Is Ibogaine a Safe and Effective Treatment for Drug Addiction?

What Is Ibogaine Treatment?

Have you ever thought about trying an ibogaine treatment? In this brief overview, we will provide you with some information about ibogaine and its treatments.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance that can be found in the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub, which is native to West Central Africa. The Bwiti and pygmy tribes in the area have used it in traditional healing ceremonies and rites of passage.

Some people argue that ibogaine treatment is a practical option for opioid and other addictions, and we firmly believe that it is the most effective detox and addiction interrupter for opioids.

Iboga & Spirituality

However, neither ibogaine nor ibogaine treatments have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of addictive disorders or any other condition. Furthermore, ibogaine is classified as a Schedule I drug in the US, which means that it is considered a substance with a high potential for abuse. Despite this, and due to our extensive experience here at Ibogaine Treatment UK, (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat™), we are confident that ibogaine has no potential for abuse.

It is common knowledge that ibogaine has mild stimulating effects when taken in small doses. However, when consumed in larger doses, also known as a flood dose, iboga/ibogaine can induce a deep and vivid dream-like state called oneirogenic awakening.

Many individuals have reported that taking ibogaine in larger doses significantly lessens
and improves withdrawal symptoms associated with opioids and effectively reduces
cravings for addictive substances, particularly during the post-acute withdrawal
syndrome (PAWS) phase. Not to mention the positive effects it also has on both mental
and overall health.

Yet, without adequate preparation and follow-up care, the benefits of ibogaine treatment may be short-lived.

At Ibogaine Treatment UK, (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat™), we see the absence of pre-treatment planning and a lack of focus on aftercare as a major warning sign.

Those who prioritize these elements generally achieve better outcomes than those who do not. It is crucial to remember that ibogaine treatment is not a magic solution; it demands hard work, ongoing recovery practices, daily support, and more. We cannot do this alone.

In the realm of traditional recovery methods, it is common knowledge that the safety ofibogaine treatment is often a matter of concern.

While most research on ibogaine has only been conducted on animals, there have been reports of serious side-effects and unexplained deaths in humans who have undergone ibogaine. That said, it should be noted that most of such instances will occur in environments where ibogaine was either self-administered or administered without
proper and full testing of the clients prior to admission.

This underscores the importance of seeking ibogaine treatment only from experienced and qualified professionals who prioritize safety. At Ibogaine Treatment UK, we are acutely aware of these risks and take extensive precautions by conducting rigorous medical testing prior to treatment.

Our medical and therapy teams are unwavering in their adherence to strict eligibility criteria for ibogaine treatment, recognizing that not everyone may be a suitable
candidate. While it is regrettable that not all individuals can benefit from ibogaine treatment, our top priority is always safety.

Researchers conducted a comprehensive long-term study in Mexico to explore the impact of ibogaine treatment on individuals struggling with opiate substance abuse and addiction.

The study involved 30 participants, and the researchers carefully monitored their opiate
use, including frequency and dosage, at the start of treatment and at monthly follow-ups over a period of 12 months. In addition, participants were asked to complete a series of
surveys that covered a range of topics and basic questions.

The study encompassed several essential topics, such as the participants' medical and
psychiatric history, employment status, and family background. Based on the results, it
was discovered that:


  • In the initial month following treatment, one third of the participants experienced a relapse.
  • Within two months of treatment, 60% of the participants had a relapse.
  • By the six-month mark, 80% of the participants had relapsed.
  • 20% of the participants who did not receive aftercare support managed to stay drug-free for more than six months.
  • Remarkably, four of the 30 participants who received a single ibogaine treatment remained drug-free for over a year.

Based on their findings, the researchers concluded that ibogaine is not a panacea for addiction, a fact that we at Ibogaine Treatment UK readily acknowledge. While ibogaine is renowned as the most effective detox method for opioids, skeptics argue that its therapeutic potential is limited to interrupting addiction.

While acknowledging and understanding the skepticism, we beg to differ; the benefits
of ibogaine treatment go far beyond mere detox and addiction interruption. Its
psychotherapeutic properties are nparalleled, but it is crucial to recognize that the study’s sample size was limited to only 30 patients and may not be representative of a
broader population of individuals with similar struggles.

In 2014, an in-depth study conducted in Brazil examined the efficacy of ibogaine treatment in addressing addiction to multiple substances when combined with psychotherapy. While this study also had a relatively small sample size of 75 participants, it highlights the power of combining ibogaine treatment with effective psychotherapy. This approach is where the true potential of ibogaine treatment lies.

After thoroughly reviewing clinical trials and studies, researchers have acknowledged that while there is evidence to support the notion that ibogaine can be beneficial in treating addiction and easing withdrawal symptoms, there is a significant need for further research, more cohesive data collection, and better-controlled studies to establish
the safety and efficacy of this treatment.

At our centre we wholeheartedly agree with this conclusion, which is why we collect data before, during, and after every treatment at our ibogaine facility. Our aim is to provide an in-depth analysis of this data soon.

However, it is important to note that there have not been many long-term studies
conducted on ibogaine treatment, and additional research is required to establish definitive proof regarding its safety and efficacy. While we witness its positive effects
daily, the scientific community requires more concrete evidence.


What are the risks involved with ibogaine treatment?

In addition to the risk of death, there are other complications that may arise from ibogaine treatment, including seizures, gastrointestinal issues, heart complications like arrhythmias, and ataxia.

If a client is not properly screened for medical and psychological suitability, or if ibogaine treatment is attempted at home without medical supervision, it can be incredibly dangerous. The appropriate dosage and safe administration of ibogaine treatment are still not fully understood, which is why Ibogaine Treatment UK takes various factors into account to ensure the safety of our clients.

It is essential to recognize that treatment with this powerful plant medicine should only be conducted under the guidance of a medical professional, and even then, clients should always be made aware of the potential risks.