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Ibogaine Treatment Louisiana

Ibogaine Therapy for Louisiana Residents

Louisiana’s stunning landscapes combined with the lively cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge are, along with many other American cities, one of the epicenters of a battle to cure addiction and mental health problems.

In Louisiana, the primary driver of increasing deaths from drug overdoses are from opioids. In the U.S., in the year 2000, overdoses from opioids (primarily prescription opioids) were only 48% of all drug overdose deaths. In 2021, they were 75%. The national opioid epidemic began with a rise in deaths from opioid prescriptions around the early 2000s, followed about a decade later by a steep rise in deaths from heroin overdose, and followed shortly thereafter by an even steeper rise in deaths from synthetics (chiefly fentanyl) overdose. Improved U.S. opioid-related death rates from 2017 to 2018 gave way to brutal acceleration with the pandemic and all of the increases in illicit fentanyl.

While there is much value in more traditional treatments of addiction and mental health, we believe the community needs a more holistic, compassionate and softer approach. At Iboga Root Sanctuary, we use ibogaine therapy to help individuals wrestling with substance and behavioral addictions and mental health conditions.

We offer the people of Louisiana a way for them to reclaim their lives and build brighter tomorrows. Our clinic offers hope for individuals struggling with addiction or with mental health issues, providing a unique method of addressing the emotional traumas and imbalances that underpin these challenges, and significantly enhancing the prospects for successful recovery. Countless Louisiana residents have benefitted immensely from ibogaine therapy, and recognized it as an innovative approach in the space of addiction and mental health treatment.

Holisitic Body-Mind Healing with Ibogaine Treatment

The root bark from the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub located in West Africa is where the psychoactive alkaloid ibogaine is extracted from. This naturally occurring psychoactive substance has been the subject of increasing attention for its wonders in healing both the mind and body, and for good reason. Its unique ability to address addiction on neurological and psychological dimensions, setting it apart from all other forms of treatment.

On a neurological level, Ibogaine works to restore balance to the broken neurotransmitter systems, like dopamine, and serotonin, that are implicated in addiction. It is also able to upregulate the production of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF). This is important for managing the brain’s reward mechanisms, as well as suppressing the cravings that occur when abstinence places an individual into a state of dopamine depletion, that is the leading contributor to relapse in addicts and alcoholics.

What is more, Ibogaine exhibits a dissociative effect on the Default Mode Network (DMN), which is typically hyperactive in those with addiction and mental health disorders. Inhibiting this network places the individual into a psychological setting of neuroplasticity, thus allowing them to adopt new, healthy lifestyle habits, as the shattered psychological defense and denial mechanisms that kept them drinking and using, are temporarily turned off.

At a physiological level, Ibogaine is able to facilitate an opiate detox that is essentially painless; ensuring that our clients emerge from treatment entirely clear of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Psychologically, Ibogaine prompts a deeply introspective journey that urges addictive individuals to confront and process unresolved traumas and the psychological components of their addiction.

This introspection often leads to powerful epiphanies and realizations about their addictive behaviors, the emotional traumas that underlie them, and becomes a highly potent weapon for those with long term addictions, PTSD, and depression that has proven resistant to treatment. Ibogaine therapy is thus an innovative and complete answer for Louisiana residents battling addiction, and functions as a comprehensive route to achieving recovery in its fullest sense.

The Calm of Iboga Root Sanctuary’s Healing Environment

The path to sobriety is difficult, and many times there are environmental factors that may enable addictive behaviors. We created the Iboga Root Sanctuary with this in mind — bringing the calm of a high-end facility together with the care of medical oversight. By doing so we’ve been able to create a recovery experience that complements and enhances the science behind our ibogaine therapy.

Stepping into Ibogaine Therapy for Louisiana Residents

The legality of ibogaine therapy in US states — Lousiana included — is complex and presents many competitors. While our primary goal is to offer ibogaine therapy to citizens of Louisiana, our facility is currently housed in Portugal — disconnected from the legal confines of ibogaine in America. Being in a country like Portugal — where ibogaine is currently unregulated — actually affords us the ability to care for our clients through the entire ibogaine treatment process. That’s exactly why residents from all over the United States are turning to us. Contact us for more information. Every part of our facility was designed to be the perfect recovery environment.