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Ibogaine Therapy for Alcohol Addiction

Despite its widespread acceptance and use around the world, alcohol is one of the hardest addictions to break. Studies show that those treated in traditional rehab facilities have a relapse probability between 20 and 50% after primary treatment. Ibogaine therapy for alcohol addiction works by resetting the brain’s chemistry, thereby reducing cravings in the months after treatment.

Some studies have shown that ibogaine may also help to repair damaged neural connections in the brain that are associated with addiction.

Past traumatic experiences are often the triggering factor behind alcohol addiction. Ibogaine is beneficial because the visions it provides come from deep in the patient’s subconscious. This unique experience allows them insights into repressed memories. These are often the events that lead to the consumption of alcohol as a way of self-medicating.

By reliving such experiences, the psycho-emotional insights provided by ibogaine therapy can help patients gain a clearer understanding of the reasons behind their addictive impulses. In conjunction with the holistic aftercare support offered at our centre, this helps clarify the decision to adopt sober living.

ibogaine therapy for alcohol addiction

Safety Protocols Regarding Ibogaine Therapy for Alcohol Addiction

Safety Protocols Regarding Ibogaine Therapy for Alcohol Addiction

While ibogaine therapy can provide greater success rates than traditional forms of rehab, there are some safety protocols to be observed.

The withdrawal process from alcohol can be dangerous and, in some situations, can even result in death. Therefore, we require all individuals enrolling in our alcohol detox program at Ibogaine Treatment UK to cease drinking beforehand. This should happen at least a week before coming to our centre, preferably at a licensed detox clinic.

Please note that abstinence from alcohol for the required period before arriving at our retreat is essential and non-negotiable. Only by meeting this criterion can they participate in a seven-day or two-week ibogaine therapy program that includes various other holistic treatments. To this end, we will perform a urine test upon arrival to ensure that clients do not test positive for alcohol.

The reason for this is the danger of seizures and delirium tremens, regarding the strain they place on the heart. This can lead to further complications, as the heart must be in a healthy condition if we are to safely administer ibogaine therapy for alcohol addiction.

At Ibogaine Treatment UK, it is possible to find hope and work towards a future without alcohol. Ibogaine therapy can and will offer the clarity and motivation needed to begin anew. However, know that the changes you make once you step back into your life are proportional to the results you get.