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Ibogaine as Viable Treatment for Other Addictions

Ibogaine as Viable Treatment for Other Addictions: Alcohol, Meth, Cocaine, Crack and Tobacco

While highly effective, Ibogaine’s effect on the brain is not limited exclusively to opiate addictions and has proven over time to be notably effective in eradicating addiction to an abundance of other substances.
Therefore, it is also effective for those who suffer addiction to methamphetamines, alcohol, crack, cocaine, ketamine, and extends to other on-opiate addictions.

Ibogaine’s Two Main Spheres of Action

The action of the iboga root extract acts in two different but complementary manners.

  • In terms of the brain as an organ, ibogaine works to promote what is called a total reset of the brain’s neural pathways previously damaged by drug use, restoring them to their pre-addiction state.
  • The psychedelic component of ibogaine will mine your subconscious for many of the repressed memories, from childhood onwards, represented in the form of hallucinations, where in many cases instances of subconsciously repressed trauma will surface and be re-lived; in the hours and days following these revelations, you will have the chance and guidance to unpack and make sense of the visions, and proceed to work on the real causes that governed your addictive impulses.
Here at Ibogaine Treatment UK (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat TM), for just under 10 years, we have had a tremendous success rate in treating hundreds of addicts with such addictions as mentioned above. That said, though, it must be said that results have varied—often based on an individual’s own level of commitment, as well as what their expectations of the ibogaine treatment are.

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There is, however, one particularity about ibogaine as effective addiction treatment for short acting opiates, which is that a part of the withdrawal process must occur before administration of ibogaine. While drugs or alcohol are still in your system, or if your liver is not functioning properly, it cannot be administered.
Every drug works differently, but most will require a period of five to seven days to leave your system. Regarding heroin and short-acting opiates like OxyContin, Oxycodone, Tramadol or other pharmaceutical though, the above conditions do not apply, and you may use right up until the night before you check in with us, so the above will apply primarily to alcohol, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, Adderall, and other stimulants.
Liver function is also an important consideration, but is limited to those of you who may have a serious alcohol problem; the reason being that alcohol affects the liver directly, and it may even take more time for levels to return to normal, so we advise you to talk to your GP to pre-arrange an initial medically assisted detox.
These protocols are non-negotiable and must be observed, since most deaths related to ibogaine treatment happened with patients who had mixed drugs or alcohol with ibogaine.
Below, we have included a substance/specific timeline to allow you to plan accordingly.


The dangers of mixing Ibogaine with alcohol stem from the following reasons:
  • Alcohol and ibogaine are metabolized by the same liver enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH).
  • The known troublesome reactions of ibogaine deriving from heavy alcohol use stem from a deficiency or complete lack of ADH.
  • It may take anywhere from a few days to longer periods until the levels of ADH return to a level considered high enough for the liver to be able to metabolize ibogaine.
  • The time taken for this regulation to occur depends on factors such as age, the length of alcohol abuse as well as other factors.
  • For this very reason, every patient must undergo a liver enzyme test before being cleared for ibogaine treatment.

Methamphetamines, Cocaine and Crack

  • This class of drugs can take a bit longer to leave your system.
  • Mixing them with ibogaine highly increases the risk for eventual fatalities and should not be taken lightly.
  • Although liver enzymes play a decisive role under this class of substances, they are not the primary concern as with alcohol, as the disruption of ADH levels caused by them are not as great.
  • The timeframe for Methamphetamines to leave the body can take anywhere from three to seven days for any of the above to leave the system.
  • As soon as the necessary detox time has elapsed, ibogaine can be administered safely.


  • Addiction to Adderall, it being a stimulant, is similar to that of methamphetamines. Although Adderall can take longer to leave one’s system (up to twenty-four hours longer,) the protocol is the same as for methamphetamines.
  • As soon as one’s body is rid of it, there will be no risk of negative interactions.

Other Addictions

Ibogaine has been known to assist with a host of addictions aside from those outlined above. Should you be battling an addiction—i.e., gambling, pornography, sex, shopping, overeating—feel free to call us and explain the nature of your addiction, and we will promptly inform you if we believe it is treatable with ibogaine, as each addiction merits a case-specific analysis.

Is Ibogaine the Right Choice for Me?

Despite its many advantages, ibogaine may not be for everyone. If, however, you have tried other traditional methods and found yourself making little to no progress with them, then you could well find that ibogaine is the better fit for you.
Nonetheless, it is wise to bear the following in mind:
  • Each body and mind are blessed with the gift of complete uniqueness, and considering this, not everything is for everyone, and some addicts must find they have to go through a few cures before they really find the one that is tailored not only to their temperament, but also to their end goals.
  • Regarding all the addictions mentioned above, ibogaine has proven repeatedly to be extremely effective.
  • Please note that ibogaine, in and of itself alone is not a miracle cure: it will not force you to stop using; the mindset you approach it with, and what you do after your treatment—how you interpret the knowledge imparted by the iboga root’s “plant wisdom,” and how you work to unpack that knowledge and apply it in pragmatic terms to your own life—is truly what guarantees its success.
Give us a call to talk with one of our specialists today about our treatment and pricing plans to determine the best ibogaine treatment for your specific situation.
Come and discover if ibogaine is the right solution to help reclaim your life and freedom.