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Ibogaine and Depression

Ibogaine and Depression

For a simple compound of the bark of Tabernanthe Iboga, a West African plant, ibogaine, a naturally occurring alkaloid seems to bristle with an intelligence and a life of its own.
Across the wide variety of individuals who have partaken in its ritual cleansing reset, the plant’s essence always seems to know exactly where it must go in each person’s brain, heading straight to the regions damaged by drug addiction and mental disorders and applying an all-out circuit reset.
While it cannot be said that ibogaine will cure every single instance of depression, its correct use has proven immensely beneficial to the mental health of many people.
Below, we outline some of the benefits of ibogaine when used for treating depression and other mental health issues.

The Causes of Depression

Depression is one of the most difficult mental health conditions to treat because its root, underlying causes are so varied, they can seldom be pinned down to a single event or circumstance.
If depression were to be simplified, one could approach it from two different directions. It is assumed to have one of two root causes: either an external trauma, or interrupted brain function.
Where the sphere of “trauma” is usually event-based, and can result in subsequent depression, interrupted brain function’s origins lie in internal neurological or chemical imbalances which give rise to different manifestations and degrees of depression.

Ibogaine in the Treatment of Depression

When it comes to the success rate of ibogaine in treating mental health, it has been noted as being more effective when the issue is an internal chemical or neurological imbalance than when the root cause is event-based, or external.
Because ibogaine is so effective at promoting a reset of neurological brain function, whenever certain parts of the brain are found to be chemically lacking in some endogenous chemical, this is where ibogaine is at its most powerful.

How Healing Occurs in the Brain

After taking a full dose of ibogaine, patients will slip into a psychedelic journey lasting from eight to twelve hours in which they will be confronted with memories and issues from their past in the form of visual hallucinations.
Because it is human nature to bury and “sweep” unpleasant or painful recollections under the rug as an instinctive yet ineffective coping mechanism, many report that upon being confronted with what they had repressed, often for years, they achieve complete therapeutic breakthroughs where formerly conventional medicine had left them feeling stalled and hopeless, even after years of therapy.
While statistics have shown that up to 75% of patients who undergo ibogaine therapy will experience these kinds of breakthroughs, the effectiveness of ibogaine is significantly higher when the mental health issue is “endogenous,” or an internal, genetically conferred chemical imbalance they are born with.
What this means in practical terms is that those who may better profit from ibogaine treatment are those suffering from a physical disorder occasioned by impaired neurological function.
Here at Ibogaine Treatment UK (a subsidiary of Tabula Rasa Retreat TM), our luxury clinical setting will go a long way to maximising the potential for healing as you will be tended and cared for 24/7 by our trained medical staff in a safe, compassionate, and holistic manner, caring for you as a fully-fledged person rather than as a mere patient with a specific ailment.