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How Does Video Therapy Work?

How does video therapy work?

Tabula Rasa Retreat’s unique ibogaine specific online video therapy programme provides a good balance between a scientific and a spiritual approach. Our approach with ibogaine at the forefront of our therapy practice includes classic cognitive behavioural therapy, psychological and spiritual counselling, meditation and mindfulness. Each person will get an individualised treatment plan. Its easy to start the process. Simply make an 20 minute introductory video therapy appointment to ensure that both you and your counsellor are a good fit. If not, no harm done, we can even suggest a colleague. We want what is best for you. If both parties are happy, we will walk you through the process to commit to sessions.

Much like a physical appointment, video therapy will provide you with professional psychological help, support, coaching and mentoring. We aim to address the main topics related to addiction recovery, psychological development and spiritual development. Online counselling will provide you with a psychological consultation as if you were attending a face to face physical appointment. For video therapy you can use Skype, Zoom, FaceBook Messenger, WhatsApp or other applications, as long as you advise us in advance. Eye contact is important with face-to-face therapy,, however you will soon find that our services are similar to being ‘in the room’ with each other. Often online counselling is a lifeline for those suffering from substance misuse and mental health issues. Its good to talk!
Another advantage of video therapy is that you can undertake the session from the comfort of your own home, no need to relocate. This can be very helpful if you suffer from anxiety, social anxiety, depression, or other mental issues which make going out difficult. When the proverbial ‘hits the fan’, online counselling is a quick way to diffuse the problem. If you are addicted and you are faced with situations that impede you leaving your home, again, this remote method will help minimise your suffering and put your situation into perspective and arm you with solutions. Warning – On the other hand, if you have a severe non-stabilised mental diagnosis, such as major depression (with suicidal idealisation), a psychotic mental disorder, severe bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or another mental issue that requires psychiatric attention, you should avoid online counselling.
Our cancellation policy is simple – If you need to cancel your appointment, please advise us within 48 hours. We will re-schedule your appointment to a date that better suits you. Our non-refund policy is because our time is valuable and we want you stay committed to your recovery and our pre-set appointment times. Of further note, if you are late attending, your session will still end on time as our therapist will be on a tight schedule and will need to serve others on time.