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Physical fitness therapy is at the heart of the holistic aftercare programme at Tabula Rasa Retreat. Improvement in well-being occurs while a recovering addict builds strength during rehab. Ongoing exercise, like our massage programme releases endorphins that can help counteract cravings.

We provide individually honed fitness programmes covering cardio-fitness, aqua exercise, cycling and body contact. Cardio fitness work is linked to the nurturing of new brain cells that improve mood and offset depression and other mood related issues.

Body Combat
As a means of improving core strength and losing weight body combat tuition is ideal. Through rope jumping, push-ups, shadow boxing, heavy bag work, free weight boxing and push-ups we implement an exercise programme tailored to the individual. The routines will work together to provide an effective aerobic workout that brings a positive sense of self alongside better physical well-being.
Relapse Prevention
The Portuguese landscape has provided mood enhancing escapes for centuries. The terrain around Tabula Rasa Retreat is ideal for mountain biking sessions that bring riders closer to nature while improving physical conditioning. Fitness therapy undertaken beyond the gym walls works on another level. Fresh air and beautiful horizons invigorate the mind while pedal power improves leg strength, cardio fitness and body fat levels. Whether it’s leisure biking, endurance cycling or sprinting, this is a lifetime pursuit that can be continued well beyond your stay at Tabula Rasa Retreat.
Now widely used as a means to build strength and improve flexibility, Pilates has other benefits for the recovering addict. The focus on control and coordination is good for the mind. Controlled breathing is at the heart of Pilates disciplines, an activity that helps with the expulsion of toxins. The development of a strong core and improved balance helps nurture a greater sense of self-awareness that benefits the individual at an important time in recovery
Personal Training
For longer stays, visitors to Tabula Rasa Retreat will receive a bespoke personal training routine. From weight training to cardio workouts, resistance sessions to flexibility enhancement, an all round plan will be developed based on your abilities and any limitations resulting from your treatment progress. By the end of your stay, you will be well on your way back to a physically healthy condition.